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A Kiss From Teresa

We sat there and watched as the camera panned in tight

We sat there and watched as the camera panned in tight

She kissed Dale hard, he drive out of sight

We witnessed undeniable passion, unconditional bliss

Looking back did she know - something was amiss

For three long hours Dale drove - intimidated too

Lap after lap, the excitement it grew

499 miles, one mile more

Jr and Waltrip fighting for the score

Behind them was Dale, in a fight of his own

Many wars behind him, a new one being sewn

They roared to the line, one and two

Dale went into the wall - and all of us knew

Off in the distance, we sat and stared

In the recess of her mind her soul lay bared

For as the fans were confused as to cheer or cry

She could only feel the lasting kiss - goodbye from her

As I Saw It

As I came out of the last turn,

As I came out of the last turn,
I felt my back tires start to burn!
I saw the wall approaching fast,
I said to myself, I can't last!
But as the car came to a rest,
I felt no pain within my chest!
And standing right in front of me,
My Dad was there for me to see!
I shook my head and looked again,
And there he stood with that warm-hearted grin!
He told me that it was time to go,
But I was confused, I felt real slow!
I asked him what he meant just then,
And he said that God wanted me in!
I said there was too much I had to do,
My family, My Friends, This just won't do!
But then he grabbed me by the hand,
I knew I was going to the promised land!
As I flew up to Heaven's gate,
There was no one that I could hate!
I heard the crying from my fans,
I waved to them with both my hands!
I told my wife I loved her so,
And my kids would wait till they would go!
So people here and everywhere,
I beg of you, do not despair!
In heaven, I sit on the stars,
And watch the racers drive their cars! I am alive in all the polls,
You keep me there inside your souls!
And if you search for one to blame,
In your Heart, you feel the shame!
Remember me, compete and win,
I'm thru the Gate, Rejoice, Begin!
I know the pain is there you see,
But go on with life, Like Neil and Me!

Believe In Fate

Hello race fans

Hello race fans

Yes it's me "The INTIMIDATOR"

Driver of the black # 3

I know my fans are mourning

Thinking of me makes them sad

I am asking them to be happy

Because now I am up here

racing with my dad.

I can hear what is being said

from here in my Heavenly Shop

And all these crazy threats have got to stop

If you think someone would purposely do something of this sort

You are not a true race fan of our wonderful sport.

It was the final lap on that fateful day

When I heard the angels say

"Dale" you can't stay to celebrate

We've come to take you away

That's when I felt my car turn

It felt so odd

No it wasn't a tap from Sterlin

Simply a touch from God

To understand my passing on that late February date

No one on earth can explain it

You have to "BELIEVE IN FATE"

Chasing The Horses

As the dust settles, a boy, not quite yet a man,

As the dust settles, a boy, not quite yet a man,

Stands on a dirt track, watching his father ride with the wind.

The horses ran through him, they were in his blood,

Carrying him faster & faster through the shadows of the ones who had gone before.

"Come on son, let’s race," says the father.

The motor rumbles, the green flag drops & the horses run.

He faces his destiny for the first time,

No fear, just the horses running.

The horses carried the father to an Eternal Track,

Where he could ride with the wind all the time.

The man, still a boy at heart, for many years, chased the horses of long ago,

Hearing the voice of his father in the wind saying, "Come on son, let’s race."

And the horses ran.

The horses carried him through checkered flags & trophies abound.

And with it, the love of a nation fell at his feet.

But with the sweet came the bitter.

Pain, heartache, & loss of others

That the man loved, carried to the Eternal Track by the horses.

But always a constant, the wind would say "Come on son, let’s race."

And the horses run.

Today, the shadows of long ago were not so far ahead.

The horses that coursed through his veins, ran faster than ever before.

The motor started, the green flag dropped, & the horses ran like they never had before.

Twisting with the track, faster, leading the herd into a frenzy.

Danger averted, too close.

The man’s own son just ahead.

Almost there, almost there, keep going son.

The horses in the man retreated.

Must go back to protect.

Then came a tap, the horses were losing control & the man went to the wall, for his son.

He faced his destiny for the last time, still no fear.

The wind blew & the man’s father stood beside him once more,

"Dale, it’s time to let your own son chase the horses."

"Come on son, let’s race."

And the horses ran.


Daddy's Shoes

As a young man

As a young man
There is on thing I've always tried to do
Have the strength & courage
To walk in Daddy's Shoes
With every race I would try so hard
But sometimes I would lose
Sadness would fill my heart
I would never be able to walk in Daddy's Shoes
When death came & Daddy was gone
I was so young but had to choose
Would I stumble & fall along the way
Or would I walk in Daddy's Shoes
When I faced a problem in life
Not knowing what to do
A gentle voice would speak to me
Son hang in there, you are walking in Daddy's Shoes
My life once hit rock bottom
My world crumbled around me too
I would not be successful today
Had I not walked in Daddy's Shoes
My advice to my children
Whatever path in life you choose
Be patient strong & courageous
Someday you will walk in Daddy's Shoes


Winning a race is everything,

Winning a race is everything,

Or at least that's what they say.

Dale won the race he was running,

On that beautiful Sunday day.
He ran it hard, and gave it his all,

As he sped around the track.

He was looking for the flagman,

And wasn't holding back.
The race was his to win.

And he was having a ball.

Dale Crossed the Finish Line of life,

The moment he hit the wall.
Now They're smiling up in Heaven,

And cheering loudly too.

As Davey, Neil and Alan,

Get bumped by "You Know Who!"
Neil's eyes, oh they're wide open,

As he picks up the pace.

And yells to Alan & Davey,

"That's Dale! Now we can race".

Dale, My Hero

Dale Earnhardt died February 18, 2001

Dale Earnhardt died February 18, 2001
What a tremendous loss for everyone,
A driver I have watched race for many years,
I heard the news and broke down in tears,
I cried all day, wishing it would go away,
I was hoping and praying someone was wrong...
But it was confirmed, Dale was gone...
Around those turns with excessive speed,
Starting from the back and taking the lead!
The Intimidator was his Nickname!
That's what drove him to Victory Lane!
Dale loved the competition,
Winning was his mission!
On the track it was all about position,
Dale Jr. will follow in his father's tradition!
An "Angel" he will be,
Racing his black #3!
A big smile on his face,
Waiting for the start of the next race!
I will miss him so, DALE MY HERO!

Dale Earnhardt Was The Man

Dale Earnhardt Was The Man

He was known as the "Intimidator,"

He was known as the "Intimidator,"

The "Man in Black" was he;

Smokin' 'round the race track,

In his Chevy #3.

He was a racing Champion

Admired & loved by all;

His name is Dale Earnhardt,

Who crashed into a wall.

A quietness was in the air,

Which fell as heavy as thick rain;

When the announcement approached them all,

One could feel the shuddering pain.

The last turn on the track,

Was his final lap of life;

Now he is a Nascar legend,

Leaving behind a loving wife.

For this Nascar superhero,

God had another plan;

No racing engines needed,

With God's golden wings to span.

Dale is up in Heaven,

Racing to a familiar tune;

It is "Amazing Grace,"

God gave to him so soon.



Daytona 500

Daytona 2001

Gentlemen start you engines, the famous words broke through

Gentlemen start you engines, the famous words broke through

It was February 18, 2001, no one ever knew

In row 4 there he was that good old #3

Dale Earnhardt, The Intimidator, loved by you and me

One wave of the flag and off they go

It was a good race, God I love this so

After the big wreck look its Dale there in third

Its almost complete after all they had endured

This race is almost over it is almost won

But wait there is a crash as Waltrip and Jr. got done

Oh God its Dale I hope he is OK

It looks like he is its not that bad on replay

The minutes seemed like hours t he hours seemed like days

I went to the web site but his condition is still a haze

Then a little later I heard it on TV

I can't explain the feeling that came over me

Dale was dead, oh no it can't be true

That is when I broke down, as others did too

All the years and all the times came back in a flash

The times that he would win it after a mad dash

#3 forever that's all I have to say

We all lost a part of ourselves on that fateful day